Lil note book

This lil itsy bitsy note book is too cute to be used, or rather a bit too small to be used.

Notebook, with satin-fabric cover

So, I was having these wonderful satin pj's lying around the house, in case you want to know why were they lying around - b*** is multiplying exponentially period.

I came across this wonderful book - "Making books by hand : a step-by-step guide / Mary McCarthy, Philip Manna"...this is where I got the inspiration of the following book, and somehow put these pj's to use.

Notepad of flash cards

Shree Ganesh

Hmm...I thought of starting my Blog with Ganpati.

For me,beyond me...

Art is bigger than me,I cannot create a piece of art.
In the process of its formation, I am only a medium(though a shaky one), and it is ITS will that will conclude ITSELF in whatsoever state it wants to be.

A basic blank element is my biggest inspiration. It waves at me.

Using lots and lots of colors makes me really happy, it is the ONLY reason I attempt towards creativity.

No rhyme or reason, harmony or not, colors is the reason for being...