I made these little charms, I glazed some and few I just left for later miniature creativity. So this week end, I had a lotta fun with these...

Lady Bug..

Tree of wisdom

I have a lot more to go :)...

The SisterHood Of Bloglandia Award

I am the SisterHood of Bloglandia Forever More!
I would like to thank Gloria for this award...for her generosity and warmth.
I am fairly new to the wonderfull world of blogging
Its a great feeling to a part of this. yayyy!!
Thank you so much for it Gloria!!!! I really appreciated it. :)

My spring delights

So today I got a batch of some of my glaze ware. When it comes to work on wheel, I am nowhere close to the center, in fact all of these are a bit off center but well...I luv pottery, if I continue doing it, someday I will improve.
This one is my fav., with a lovely heart.

This one is for Enn, with his initials on:

This one again has a pretty pretty heart.It also had a secret patch work :)

I also made these lil jars with lids.
I plan to keep fennel seeds in this one...

This one's lid is a little miss fit...but well

I also experimented some with theses pendents...


Me and my best friend R. This is a pics from my wedding.
I absolutely love applying heena in my hands.
Umm but somehow it was something I could never do on my own. I tried to teach my self, did a lot of practice, I was alright on paper, but when it came to hand it never worked.

This is another pic from my wedding, of course its Enn holding my hand, during some ritual.
I wish I could draw something like that on my own...

So I came across this amazing website-
with a lot of information on Heena, and a lot of books on it.
In fact it also has a very detailed step by step tutorial to learn drawing Heena from scratch.
Here it is.

Here is the link to all the incredible collection of books on heena.

And really the patterns are so beautiful, that not only heena....they can be used any where...hop on the ride of your imagination and it can take you places.

Breakfast table

I think I will have this painting next to the dinning table.
Hmm...though my breakfast is a huge glass of milk, but all this certainly looks good.
On weekends I get up soo late that its almost lunch time... :(
But when I saw this picture I knew I wanted to make it.
Inspiration Source:

Decoupage and recycle

It had been a while I had collected some of the yogurt cans, and I thought of doing some decoupage over it. I used a random dress catalog that came as a junk mail. I also had some small plastic pots for plants.

I had a lot of fun putting all this stuff (on its way to trash) to use.
Also Once I was done, I sprayed a layer of clear varnish over it.

I am not very sure about the use of these pots, though I have sprayed varnish, and I guess after planting a small plant in it, and careful watering, it will be useful.
The others will be used to store stationary,pens,pencils,brushes,little objects which are easy to loose...


Oh I absolutely love this gives words to my thoughts....I cannot help but watch it over and over again....


I originally found it on Tam's website. An amazing artist, who always inspires me with her words and work.