My tutorial Featured on Totally Tutorials..!!!

Yeahhh...!!! My tutorial about Making Picture header for a blog using Paint Brush , was featured on Totally Tutorials
I am soo glad.. :)

Also on a side note...I am off on a long vacation with Enn and family... celebrating Fall and togetherness...!!!

Organization & Updates

So my husband Enn's family is here to stay with us for a while, they came yesterday.
Its amazing. We just live day in and day out, thinking about our families,talking to them over phone, and wishing they were here, and when they are finally here its such a complete feeling.

Since they were coming, I was on a cleaning spree. Cause my house was in a very sorry state. I don't know how it got there. Wish I had more energy at the end of the day to clean the mess we make everyday. We have just one guest bedroom, this means all my art stuff is in this bedroom, and its out-of-control. I really wish I had a little studio of my own. But well, we wish for a lot of things. So I cleared everything, and in that process I came across these clear drawers, at pretty reasonable prices. I think they were not the prettiest, but they serve the purpose well.
The green one is pretty long, so it holds all my large painting pages well. The other one has 7 layers, that's a lot...and organizes my stuff as per category too.
Let's see how far does this goes.

Also yesterday was my first class of clay studio, after summer. It was wonderful. It been almost an year, since I am trying to do pottery, and I will say that its still not in my control. I will start throwing something, and it simply not in my hands what it will end up in. A bowl, mug or nothing. I think I need a lot more practice, to actually achieve what I want.

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art." -
-- Leonardo da Vinci

I am in the way to the evolution of my spirits....

Free Image Manipulation Program

In the spirits of my last's GIMP..
Its a great image manipulation awesome....
and its FREE..!!!
You can find it at

All hail the open source revolution...!!!

Go explore.....