Warm pottery from the kiln

Alright not very true to the title,this is not my latest work. I got it sometime back,but did not get a chance to post it.
Having said that, a couple of days back in the clay studio, my instructor took out some fresh pieces from the kiln and they were still "warm"...ohh it was soo ammazing to touch it.
Every time the pot that serves the hot food is warm...this time the pot it self was cooked and hence was warm.
Here are a few pieces that I made for Enn's family..

This is a mug for his dad, in our native language Marathi father is called baba...

and this one is for his Mom... in marathi Mother is called aai...

Also for Enn's brother...I made a mug with his nick name on it.

Also I tried my hand in making vases ...these are really itty-bitty, like 5 inches in length..
This one has pretty plum color...the photo is not doing justice to its color.

And also made a jar with lid. Now that i look at it, I think I could have given the lid a different color.

For the man himself...I made a beer mug (he kind of asked for it)...its pretty big and really heavy.

Take a look at its handle...originally I had added only one handel but later I realised that it too thin for the mug...by then it was too late to remove it, so I added two more supporting handels to it. Kind of gave it a fancy look :)

And this one's for me...pretty polka dots...

Lady GaGa Paparazzi

So lately I have been listening to this song...I luuuvv it when she says..."papa...paparazzi"
It happens to me every once in a while, that I listen to a particular song day and night, and in a while complete forget about it.

And in the video of the song Paparazzi, in the end she wears this very interesting yellow outfit, with a make up which reminds me of Geisha make up...probably because of the the painted pout of the lip...
So I thought of making a little illustrations of it.... :)

Happy Diwali...!!!

Diwali is a Festival of Lights...!!!!
And this is my first Diwali away from home.
Back home its all about dressing pretty, eating lots of sweets, meeting and greeting everybody...
This a picture from back home...around two years back...of Diwali pooja.

But me and Enn tried our best to pump up our spirits and n'joy.
We have decorated some lights on our front door....(I will upload the photos later)
Because of my busy schedule, I woke up at around 6 Am, called up my mom, and then my mom dictated me step-by-step, the recipe of beasn ke laddu , and I cooked it as we talked.
The other day , again I woke up early, and called up Enn's mom and she dictated me step-by-step, the recipe for Chivda and I made that.
This is how I could manage to make some traditional snacks for Diwali....
Thanx to both the mom's....
On the day of Diwali (17th Oct)...I woke up with a horrible cough and cold...and it was worse than last time... (well I am a cry baby, specially when it comes to sickness)
I somehow managed to pull the day...cleaned the house. Did preparations for the evening...
In the evening...we did the Diwali rituals...and then went to a friends place where we had pot-luck dinner followed by a cool dance party...and then there was the after party at our place. A couple-couples came back with us, and then we ended up gambling (with fake money) till like 4 AM in the morning..I could not believe no money was involved but we were playing sooo seriously , ..huuhh crazy...i know...and at the end i won all the plastic coins...he he...The House Always Wins..!!!

6-7 things

7 things I have done in the past that nobody knows about...

umm no body...that's difficult...but i can try...
1. I would sneak big pack of potato chips in my room and eat them all in a single shot.
2. I never use to share my evening snack.(I am a changed person now:)
3. Every time I look lost in deep complex thoughts...actually I am really blank (yes that state of mind exists.)
4. For a long time I kept up with many uncomfortable pants/jeans...until I realized-all I have to do is get a bigger size.
5. At any point of time I am reading at least 7 different books. Let me put it differently - I start reading a book...then somewhere I loose it, then I start reading another one...again I loose it...and this goes on for approx next 7 book (where I came up with that number-I don't know)..until I realize...I should finish the first book I started with.
6. I take bed tea. (I don't get it everyday.... only when Enn's generous.) which means I skip the "brush your teeth" part.
7.(i am so glad this is last) I never remember any birthday/anniversary. All the once I had so far, either there is a reminder, or my friend R had reminded me.(Its her job we have a mutual agreement). If I missed to wish somebody, its not me its actually her or my reminder who forgot to remind me.

6 things I love

1. When a brush full of color glides on a canvas...
2. The first hug, when you meet your loved once after a long time.
3. Teasing Enn and finding nasty nick-names for him.
4. Warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-creme.
5. The feel of moist clay on wheel.
6. Sitting on the kitchen platform of my mom's kitchen, talking to her non-stop and eating hot food.

Also wonderful Gloria...gave me another lovely award...
The Deborah Award

Its soo pretty , and had a beautiful msg..."Friendship is'nt about who you have known the longestbut who came and never left your side."...soo true...
Thank you soo much Gloria...for this.. :)

Back with an Award :)

Had an awesome vacation, and was back a while ago...but I was horribly sick. I was really afraid I got the flu, after going through all kinds of (painful and uncomfortable) tests nothing was found.
And I found that I got a lovely award from Gloria ...
Thank you soo much , I really appreciate it.
now I feel fully recovered. ;)

So Now I have to talk about 7 things I have done in the past that nobody knows about.
Also from my past award, I have to list my 6 fav. thinkgs ....

Umm I promise I will do in my following posts....