Laurel Burch

On a beautiful evening of 30th Dec, I was with a lovely bunch of friends on the fabulous streets of Key West-Florida, we were rustling our way through the crowd of people and number of shops on the street and there I saw a cloud of most beautiful collection of colors looking at me through a shop window. When I took a closer look, it was actually a hand bag with a beautiful whimsical cat on it.

When I went inside the shop, I saw a lot of handbags, with similar pictures, all of the same artist. I instantly bought it. Its like my souvenir of Key West. And then inside it I found a card stating the artist name - Laurel Burch and a little information about her.
I googled her and saw her work and absolutely loved it. After that I saw her products all over and could identify them, just by looking at them.
Her paintings, the color scheme its all like a happy party. I will try and make some work inspired by her. Also today I searched her on you tube and came across these videos, which made me kind of sad, and also made me appreciate her spirit.

Random wisdom

Yesterday we saw a movie -"The International". No comments about the movie.
But heard some nice dialogues in it.

"Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn..."

"Sometimes a man can meet his destiny on the road he took to avoid it."

I have a habit of writing down quotes wherever I can pick them from.
From now on I will try and blog about them.
So now I will carry on with my lazy Sunday and continue denying the mess in the house.


Today is my dear friend Pr's birthday.
So I made her this card.

I love making hand made gifts, and specially cards/letters.
Me and Pr share a lot of hobbies, and spend a lot of time doing these things together...
Like pottery, shopping during sale, working out in gym & swimming (lately I ve not been very regular though) , painting, eating/drinking chocolate& ice-creams, and like all other girls...we luv pretty pretty dresses and shooz and perfumes and cosmetics... :) and spend a lot of time talking about it.

And inside I wrote....
"Out of all the things we like and share
our friendship is my favorite.
Thank you for being my friend!
Happy Birthday...!!!"

...Thiiiis much

Lately I am talking an art course - "World of Whimsy" which is by Tam.
I adore Tam...she is very funny...and is an awesome artist.
So yesterday I tried some of my newly learned lessons...and this came out.
I have much more to explore but "I am enjoying the process".

p.s. can you see she has two left was really unintentional...and not related to my earlier post.

What do u do with two left hand rubber gloves

Caution: You might find following article overrated*. :)
Disclaimer: You might already know this. Just sharing my idea. ;)

Alright does the title sounds really I have a reason...
I have a habit of wearing rubber gloves when I am washing dishes. We have a dishwasher, but I end up washing some by hand, specially the pots and pans. Also while doing the usual kitchen cleaning, I use them.
Not that I am very skin conscious, well its partly the reason, but also I like the shield when my hand is in water/hot water.
In this process after couple of months or so,the left hand glove would remain intact, but the right hand glove would be torn. I guess because I am righty.
I tried all gloves in every price range, and ended up with a collection of left hand rubber gloves because all the right hand once were torn.
I also tried wearing the left hand glove in my right hand, and that was not a good idea, it stressed my hand. The way these gloves are built, they are meant for specific hands.
So in the cycle of buying and using and collecting odd gloves...
It finally hit me...I got the perfect idea, to use them...just turn the left hand glove inside out...!!! and there you have a right hand glove..!!!!
...Taa Daaa.... :)

See..! I warned you about overrated*.
Never mind...for a change here's a idea that has helped me a lot...and I have been using it every single day...more than 3 times a day and there.. its worth it!!!