Two is a company

If two is a company, three is a crowd, then what is four...I'd say beginning of a party :-)
No points for guessing my evening plans.

I made this one a while ago, but did not get a chance to post it.
I am struggling with "free-ing " myself. I mean, I don't let myself loose when I am painting. Specially I want to achieve this effect with backgrounds. I guess I need to do more practice...

Just having a regular Friday...I am not sure if I will be working tomorrow. (yes I have been working over the weekends.!)

Updates from "Denial" land

The word "denial" describes me best at the moment.
Really I am not able to handle things around me and all I have done to solve it so far is - have learned to ignore it.
Not good I tell you...
Ever since I am back from India...I have had 1 weekend of rest (jet lag) and since then its one thing after another. I was horrible ill for a while. And then its been mostly work which has been very very hectic lately. And without wasting any time the good thing was I got back to my working out routine, last week. The result was I got even more tired. In the past two week, I had hardly done any cooking .. forget about house cleaning...oh gosh...and its really really hard to live life with so much mess around. I have also been working over the weekends, and I think it really took its toll.
Today finally my friend P actually come home to help me with my house work...!!! can u believe it...!! Also for a change Enn had started taking care of the house because even he could not handle the mess around. (imagine!!)
So when I came back, the very day I saw a package waiting for me, those were lovely holiday wishes from wonderful and generous Gloria... I do not have my camera charged (the charger is misplaced), so I will upload the pictures later.
She sent me an awesome hand made ornament, a print of the painting she made of "Van Gogh's Mother." wait there's more...she also sent an original-exclusive-hand painted -one of a kind- bracelet...!!!!! wowooo
I am soo grateful and obliged and thankful...I cannot express it.
I a really lucky to have such a thoughtful and generous blogger friend.
Thank you very much Gloria....your gifts are appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

Since I ams soo much off my routine, I have a plan... :) (wicked smile...)
I have registered myself at .Its a yearly creative sprint where participants commit to creating one new thing a day for the month of February and post it on a collective blog. 2010 is thing-a-day's fourth edition .
From what I just found out and understand, when you register, you have to create a Posterous account. and then can link your Blog to it. So when I upload anything on this Posterous a/c, it will updated on Think-A -Day as well as my blog. I an not sure if I understood correctly, I will have to try it and find out.
So I will be gearing up in February . (Let's see... I have stopped trusting myself)

On a side note....I have again joined my pottery studio class, and have also joined a knitting class. Its for beginners . I have not planned what projects I plan to make in pottery / knitting.
I also have to catch up with my blogger friends, read updates at their end..ohh I am curious... :)