Thing a day 28

I cannot believe this is the last day of the month and brings "Thing a day" to an end. 

Congratulations to all the participants!! 
It was a fabulous experience. What I really liked about it was, for a change I was not complaining to my self, that "there's not enough time for art/creativity". 
I just tried to make something every day, and it was very satisfying. There were days I missed there were days I covered up for...and I am glad I could reach the end of it. 

My thing for today was after months and months of procrastination today I finally took out the recycling. It was a big deal...(really..!!)
And then with whatever limited time I had I made this drawing of mermaid, holding the frog. Clearly she plans to kiss him...!!!
I will color it..someday...sometime...

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Thing a day 27

This is a Morton salt box, wrapped in junk mail paper. 

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Thing a day 26

From a plain terracotta pot to green with polka dots pot.

I took inspiration from one of a post from "Thing a day"...

This is one of the few plants I have. I literally have a black thumb. Also there's not a lot of space around me to have plants, and definitely not enough light.

Though what I really know is I luv having plants around me, and they make me happy.
And my choice of plant is-which says, water sparingly every 8-10 days.

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Thing a day 25

In my clays studio class, I made a couple of clay casseroles.
**Photographs coming soon...

Click here for photograph.

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Thing a day 23

Bookmarks made from "scrap book paper scraps"...(how do u say it..??)
These are also laminated. Making them was pretty easy, following are the steps :

Paste snips of scrap book paper randomly on a card stock or in my case water color paper. I also colored my base water color paper.

Make an outline of the snips, I also added these stitches like lines, gives a dimensional effect.

next step is to laminate it, which will seal the surface. Use a thick transparent tape. It should be two times broader than the width of the bookmark.

Length wise wrap the tape around the book mark.

Trim any excess. Make as many as you want...!!

Threader earrings

I know this is a scary close up of my ear, but I wanted to show my threader earrings. These are awesome. I have been wanting to have one ever since I knew something like this existed. As you can see I have three piercings, which was the worst experience of my life and I refuse to talk about it. And given a choice will I go back in time and do it again...? yes. Though I will not get them any more. And hence wearing something to keep the piercing open. The best part of these ear rings is, they are sooo comfortable. Earlier I had small ring in each piercing, and it caused great discomfort specially when I wore a woolen cap. And not to mention the discomfort while sleeping(which I was almost use to).
These feel like wearing nothing at all (in my
So from now on, I can wear the fancy/uncomfortable one's occasionally and may be these for everyday. I can see this as a beginning of a collection of Threader earrings.

Thing a day 22

Thing a day 20

Unintentionally she turned into a flower girl...

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Thing a day 19

See...! I had a plan with all the ATC's I made. I know their actual purpose is to swap, but it can also be a small painting surface.
Just makes a fun wall piece.
This is NOT my original idea, I picked it up from Google.

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Thing a day 18

I am continuing the ceramic spoon set here. This time its a spatula. I used specifically scrapbook paper here, unlike the earlier one where I used junk mail. I wanted to see the effect and also how the two look together.
I have to say this one looks very barbie doll types, the earlier one (spoon) has a rustic look. Also the spoon has been varnished, so probably that also beings in a difference in texture. I will varnish the spatula later, because its hard to click a decent picture once it gets all glossy.

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Thing a day 17

These are all again ATC's. Like I said in the past I love working in a small area, it makes me more courageous.
The photographs have been clicked during night time, and my strictly average camera performs below average during night.

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Thing a day 16

I know this is really late, but my TAD on 16th was - I attended Black Eyed Peas concert...!!!! It was phenomenal... Out of this world...

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Thing a day 15

This is just a itty-bitty head\hair band I made for my self. Lately I have had a thing for flower on the side hair band.
Also I made it in a dark color, so that it kind of blends with my dark hair.

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Thing a day 14

I have been trying to make this scarf sine last 1 YEAR!!! really....finally i completed it today. 

It was a random practice knitting and purling and the scarf went on and on today it finally concluded. 

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Thing a day 13

Technically its 14 th like....1:15 AM, but I am counting this as 13th post

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Thing a day -12

Its late in the evening and I am about to leave for "Percy Jackson and the olympians " that's my thing today. 

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Thing a day - 11

Hand woven i-pod pouch. 

Check out this tutorial video.
I cannot believe I actually weaved...!!! The process was magical. 
Finally something to save my i-pod from more scratches. 

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Thing a day -10

I know this is late, but it was completed yesterday, it was just too late to post. And I was super tired.
This is my first COMPLETED knitting project. Clearly this was not done in 30 min. but it was my yesterday's thing.
I have been trying to knit on and off since last 1 year. Finally it all made sense, and I could finish something.
Yippie... imagine the possibilities.

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Thing a Day 9

Bird garland made from recycled paged.The book was anyways on its way to recycling. So I just tore some pages.
The only thing I made sure was that the pages I use for this project are slightly thick.

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Thing a day 8

Painting on a 2*2 inches canvas board.
I know, looking at the picture, you cannot tell, the mini-ness of the painting.

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Thing a Day 7

Art work made out of junk mail.

And incase you are wondering why do I always use the flower punch, well its the only punch I own.
Also I am happy with my camera now, all I had to do was take a q-tip and clean the lenses.

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Thing a day - 5

Recycled notepad, with cover

I have to say I don't suffer from doodling, but I enjoy every minute of it. There are times when I feel that my hand is possessed, and it just does not stop. After doodling some important notes, diaries and some official reports I decided to make a notepad dedicated to doodling.

This notepad is glued together. Though nothing beats the romance of hand sewing a beautiful notebook, but time and my energy was a constrain.
This sits in this card broad cover. Its not glued or anything. So when I am done with this one, I will keep the cover and just make another notepad.
Did I mention the paper I have used here is, actually a victim of accidental hit of "Print" button, and by the time I hit "Cancel" the printer would have spit out a couple of pages. Yeah I have been collecting such victims for a while.So basically the paper has one plain side.(I call it liquid) .The only thing I made sure that the paper does not contain sensitive/confidential information.

On a side note, when I view my a/c in posterous, it only shows two posts for day 1 & 3, I have lost my other three posts. What's going on..? Any help/suggestion will be appreciated.

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Thing a Day-4

Recycled magazine coasters
You can find an awesome tutorial to make these here.
Ever since I came across this tutorial, I wanted to make these. For me the most compelling projects are those which need no new raw materials, in short I loove recycling projects.
I guess these turned out pretty well, and while I was making these, I saw the movie "The Ugly Truth"...umm it was alright.
So far I have made a couple, I guess I will make at least 4 more.

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Thing a Day - 3

So this time its a tissue paper box turned into a plastic bag dispenser.
Its a cleaver idea, which was NOT originally thought by me. I just goggled it around, and tried it.
Though I genuinely try to carry a tote bag, while I am doing grocery, but then there are times I forget :|
Though it did not turn out like I wanted it to, the whole thing was done is a hurry, but still serves its purpose. It will help me so much to control the mess around the house.
Also the quote written on it is picked up from a t-shirt or some tote bag. I just wrote it, because I really like it.

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Thing a Day-2

(Please excuse poor photography)

The thing I love about ATC (Artist Trading Cards) is the small area to play with. , I would call them short cut to happiness. And when I am looking for a shorter-short cut, I go for inchies :)
The third card, right from second row, somehow reminded of Spong Bob. Those flowers and the blue color it was not intentional. May be it had something to do with the back to back episodes of Spong Bob I saw the other day.
And the thing with flower punch is, once I start using it, I cannot stop. I go around punching any thing and everything. I stopped whan I was about to punch an unpaid bill. (That's right people we still get paper bill :(

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Thing a Day-1

Thing a Day-1

This spoon is actually a bisqueware that I made a while back and since then it has been begging for attention.
I guess it will be used specifically for decoration purpose in the kitchen. It actually symbolizes the unity of all my worlds...
It brings cooking, art and craft, recycling (I have decoupage the spoon using junk mail) and umm home decor (may be).
Also there is another snap shot of the spoon, with my lovely gloves.
And a shot of rest of the bisqueware of this set. I plan to do similar stuff to the rest of the lot.

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