Free Audio Books-Limited time is giving away some free books, for a very limited time...I guess its till 2nd July.
It takes nothing, juts your e-mail ID and the software it needs to download it. That's it.
Choice of titles is pretty limited, but gives a good chance to get the feel of Audio Books. Looks like I can get used to it.
Following is the like that directly takes to the free giveaway page.

Does she look mean to u?

Unfortunately, in some strange ways she strongly resembles me.

My new skirt... :)

Please excuse the tiled mirror shot, as you can see its a self shot, had somebody been around there were chances of a better click. But I was in too eager to wait :)
Its a wrap around skirt, and this is how it actually looks/works..

I already had a skirt like this, all I did traced its pattern on the fabric and cut it. And since its a wraparound there's no need for elastic, buttons or zip. Perfect beginners project and lead to instant gratification.

Here is a closer look of the fabric. Its beautiful. Its like all my favorite colors in one. I bought it back in India, actually it was my best friend RGM who bought it first. The minute I saw it on her... I was like -I want it...NOW. So she took me to the store until then I was not at peace.
What are best friends for..!!!

Cutie Out , Pixie In

The very cute sewing machine I got me...well it did not work out. I don't know weather it was the machine or my zero sewing knowledge. I tired very patiently and did some stitching too...(which I will upload..someday)...but eventually it drove me crazy. Finally yesterday I returned it and was about to give up on stitching then I saw this pretty baby. Again it was on a "tempting sale" and I thought I will try my hand again.
And so far sewing has been kind of pleasure .... I say "kind of" because its too early to judge plus I have a lot to learn. Currently I am sewing a wraparound skirt which will be an ideal summer wear.
For some reason lately I am not able to paint. I have been wanting to but I am not able to bring myself to do it. And I have a lot of time in my hand, I am not keeping super busy. Oh well..!
The summers are beautiful here. Warm, sunny, with a mild breeze once in a while...with particularly beauutiful evenings. A Summer evening is my favorite thing. It somehow fills me with hope and energy. And lately I am passing a lot of time walking/hiking during evenings,just trying to make the most while it lasts.

ps: This blue blogger is really bothering me. Specially uploading a pic was a pain.