Art attack continued

"Extinct is forever"...I picked that line from a t-shirt.  But it totally fits here.

This looks like a Slumber Party... The colors are really bright and dark....something I did not intended. Reminds me of good old days when me and my two best friends would spend nights talking and giggling and dreaming and wondering about the future...who knew it would come so soon...

Almost art attack

This is more of a hint to Enn....   :)

 Is this too early....well after putting the orange and black color scheme it had to be Halloween...

"Never been kissed..."

And yesterday at a local fair, I got me these pretty pretty charms...a spatula and goblet. Its super mini, like a couple of cm's. Luv it I mean what's life without good food and wine :)

Aqua Girl

She also has a lot subtle glitter in her, in her eyes and in her hair. And with all the blues, it looks like she also has sand in her feet.

Reusing fancy plastic water bottles

This is boring. No, nothing against the dish washing liquid, but the bottle is boring.
I tried filling dish washing liquid in fancy glass bottles but it wasn't very practical. Hands are slippery during washing dishes and you cannot squeeze it.
And then I made this awesome discovery, that the cap of any regular dish washing liquid bottle fits a regular plastic water bottle. There are ample of fancy plastic water bottles one comes across, how about extending the life of these which is anyway headed towards recycling.

Here's Fiji water bottle.I snipped off the name part filled it with dish washing liquid and replaced the cap.

I don't know what brand but some pretty water bottle, did the same thing. When I get bored all I have to do is change the bottle.

And here's a close up of the caps, and how easily the just fit.

I am sure this is just a temporary thing and does not have a long life, but might just add a little oomph to the rather boring process. Having said, that I luuv washing dishes. (i keep saying that and hope someday it will come true.)