Wine cork trivet

After seeing this very fabulous tutorial at Craftynest I had to give it a try. We happen to have an abundance of wine corks, and so far I had been only using them for decor purposes. Like in a vase or something. BUt this made total sense. Cutting a cork it in half, was not very easy, and of course I could not cut them all in equal length. Also this was my first time with a hot glue gun, and I had so much fun using it.,it gets addicting.

This is how it looks on the other side. I absolutely luuv the color variations in these.

Profile pic change

I am changing and still trying to change my profile pic.
I realized I am some years older and many times wiser than my current profile picture, so it should reflect an "updated me" ...
I am kind of blogging about it, b'coz if you see another picture with my name on it, its actually me and not an impostor :)

FREE online Art Course for Everyone!

The fabulous Tam is organizing a free online Art Course..!!!
yup.... its free....
Last year I had taken a course from Tam and she is a wonderfulll teacher.I luv her art and her sense of humor and absolutely luv her compassionate teaching style.
For more details please watch her video.

See you there.

The Incredible Drama

The weekend was very very stressful.
Our beloved cell phone HTC let me rephrase, my husband's beloved cell phone HTC Incredible got a wash in washer...!! (Mine is safe with me)
You see, I had a HEAP of laundry, the HEAP has been accumulating since more than three weeks (that's right, I have a more than three weeks supply of you-know-what!) and I was kind of over whelmed. So I was picking clothes left-right and center and just dumping them in washer, and I am not the one who separates whites, delicates, work clothes or Check Pockets..!!!
The drama started when Enn asked me abut his so n so pair of shorts which had cell-phone in the pocket.And I immediately recalled stuffing them in the washer what followed was me screaming, crying, apologizing, poor Enn did not really got a chance to express his emotions.
Google came in handy, and apparently there are a lot of people out there who wash their phones. So this is what I learned/ we did:

  • When phone gets a water wash, DO NOT SWITCH IT ON & Immediately removed the battery,Sim , memory card. 
  • A good tool to completely open phone is that tiny screw driver used to tight eye-glasses.Only open parts that you can put back together(You don't want to solve a circuit jigsaw puzzle.
  • Since we had completely opened it, we kept it under a lamp for around 12-15 hours. Its also suggested to put it in a bag of rice, but we were afraid that it might get inside the phone.
  • After 12-15 of hrs lamp treatment, I wrapped it in kitchen towel and put it in a bag of rice for another 12-15 hrs.
After all this moisture sucking treatments, the screen looked clear,and we were ready to turn it on. I was shaking and nervous. But Enn assembled it and turned on the power button, and the baby said in a lovely-robotic-mechanical voice "Droid..."...OoOohhh it was soooo exciting. I felt a rush a relief.

So far the phone is working alright, but I will not be too excited about it. I am sure there will be some impact on its performance, let's see.
Did I mention the most important lesson - to check pockets before u wash clothes.

Contour drawing

Couple of weeks back the assignment was in Contour Drawing, There was literally a flee market in the middle of the class and we were suppose to pick 10 objects and draw them. They had to be very very simple line drawings and all the objects had to be transparent. We had to use various pencils/pens.

The critique I got was there was no variation in my line, in the sense within a single object the shade and thickness of the line remained same. I guess I will try to improve that.
This was the complete picture, Remembers my comfort with little drawing surfaces, forget about I only work in a 18x24 inches big sketch book....:) and it feels damn good. My teacher said a wonderful thing..."while drawing use your whole body not just your hands."

Blast from the past

Lol, you cannot go any further past...these people come from way back in time. We are studying gesture drawing. My teacher told me "don't be afraid of going outside the line...and loose." I really really had trouble doing this, I mean I was literally in physical pain in going outside the line. Not that I am a perfectionist, but my resistance to go out my comfort zone amazed me. I am going will take time...:) until than I m on the line...

Living my dreame

Yupp that's what I am doing...
For as long as I can remember... I wanted to take a drawing class. A proper art school drawing class...and I am finally getting to do it.
Its crazy ...amazing ...and fantastic.
I say crazy b'coz...I work full time ...then this class...and then I have loads and loads of home work to do....not to mention house/cleaning/cooking/laundry etc.
I luv rushing to the class after so many years of education I had forgotten that feeling. I also like having homework tension, and trying to delay it till last moment and then pulling an almost all niter just to finish my work, and for a change the work I am doing...I am absolutely loving it. I sit in the studio/class room (which by the way is open till mid night...) for hours and hours and just don;t realize it. Time just flies. This is indeed a dream come true for me. My art teacher is fabulous,and the students in the class are really enthusiastic.
I really look forward to this journey and hope to enjoy it to the fullest.

Teary eyed

I am generally not the crying type. In fact I go to great lengths to avoid tears, umm let me put it this way, I am not courageous enough to share my tears.
But these short films from StoryCorps made me cry like a baby, specially the "Danny and Annie"
And then I went ahead on the StoryCorp Website to listen to more stories, and they all are beautiful.
All it take is a heart felt conversation.