Happy Halloween

Today for the first time ever...I carved pumpkins....
I carved a couple of them. It was the part of today's art class. I had so much fun.
Here is a scene from the class the when we entered. Before all the students attacked the pumpkins.
And this is what I made...its unibrowed spongebob :)

Sounds of fall

Don't you luv the rustling sound of the leaves...and these are all around us.
I recorded this while walking to my friends place.

Sorry if this makes u camera sick.

Next to my window sill

A few days back this tablish like structure came as a part of packaging of my printers toner. It really looks like a tiny table, all I did was hot glued the sides and taped it to insure its durability.
Glued some pretty paper.

And here is the final result.
It sits happily and perfectly in front of the window sill and contains some essentials.

The more color the better..!!!!

Picture this

Work in progress...

Chillies from our friends garden...i made a yummy chutney out of it.