My happy-ending

Before I could blog about the fact that how wonderful my Kindle is ....(I don't know why I have a critical battery picture, but u get the drift!)

Today I discovered a tiny crack in it :(

I was terribly sad and upset. I mean its been less than 2 months since I have had it, and have been keeping it very very carefully. It was a birthday gift from Enn, and that made me extra sad.
He got it from Staples, so I was not sure if I was suppose to contact Staples or Amazon to complain about it.
I was prepared to beg-request-argue for a replacement I went ahead and called Amazon, and they said they will replace it. ..... Like that..!!!!!!
I am absolutely amazed and impressed with their service. Hopefully soon enough I will get my new Kindle and all I have to do is put the older in the same box the new one cam in and ship it off. Amazon will also pay for the shipment.

So that was my happy ending story, also at Gloria's blog I read this lovely story of this little dogie that made me feel warm and fuzzy.

Moving on

Today was my final submission for the Drawing class.
The semester is done. I cannot believe its over.
I had a great time and I got to learn so much. If anything, I am definitely more patient than what I started with.
Also I finally know how to draw gesture drawings. Going so loose and crazy definitely put me in pain, but finally I figured it out. Which is a BIG Achievement.
We were required to have a object of personal importance and through out the semester we had to develop a portfolio drawing this object using different techniques.
My object was this mug ,I made in my Pottery class.
I will post later my various takes on this mug. (Pinkie promise :)

So I have been looking at my blog header and have been wondering, "WHAT WAS I THINKING..??"
I mean some of the words don't really make sense any more.

"Trying to hold some log of my whims, creative fits, itches, pleasures, pains, love, family, blessings, shopping, sale, regrets, life"

Probably it seemed like a good idea back than. Oh well...! I guess a change is in order.
So at least for now I will edit it to "Trying to hold some log of my whims."

I am many things and one of it is surely whimsical. I mean look at me, one day I want to be a seamstress, next day a potter, attempts to paint never stop, some days I am a hard core environmentalist, and then I don't blog for 6 months. (Book maker, cook,baker, home maker, quilting etc. etc. ....I will not even go there...)

So - the Log of whims it is.....