Wine bottle recycled lamp

Boy this new year surely looks bright at my end. With these awesome grey days around me, this actually seems like a good idea.
A couple of disclaimer : ....
I am NOT SURE about the fire safety  of this lamp. But the bulb holder I am using is for the tiny tiny night bulb. 
Also what I have made here is not amazingly bright....




Table top make over


Mod Podge made it spill proof, also gave it texture....which was uncalled for....oh well...

Old lamp revamp in new year

Hope everybody is having a fabulous new year, I know mine was awesome since I spent a week long vacation in New Orleans. My gosh..!! what a rich in I absolutely luved it.
Here are a couple of lucky clicks.

I Recently discovered Spray Adhesive. I had briefly worked with it in my art class but this time around was intense. One thing I would like to mention here, when they say use the spray adhesive in a well ventilated area, THEY MEAN IT!!! I slacked, and well outside there was snow, so I just stayed indoor, and used it carelessly, I swear it knocked me out... I learned my lesson and for the rest of the projects, I was actually outside in the snow spraying stuff and trying not to inhale.

I got a couple of these lamp shades at a flea market last summer. They were brand new in a package with a $10 price tag and everything, and I got it for 2 bucks :)

I took my fav. fabric (yup the same I sewed my skirt with...) roughly cut it to fit, and glued it on using the spray adhesive.
Took care of the edges using hot glue.

Finally took a black satin ribbon and hot glued it on the lower rim of the lamp shade. The final picture does nor do justice to its prettiness...(no really!) . I will try and click another one.