Drunk on Knitting

Knitting is my latest obsession!
Well I have knitted in the past, but this time around its different.
This time we are serious, and are looking for long time commitment.
And you have to appreciate  the portability of the craft, I can carry it everywhere with me, and continue working on my project.
Also it doesn't hurt that I am taking knitting classes from a lovely lady, who has sort of changed my perspective on knitting.
Here are some of the yummy colors I got last week. This is Cascade 220 wool.

The colors are so pretty, unlike the weather outside. I am not sure what I plan to do with these. 

Here's a "Fear of commitment" cowl that I made for a dear friend. The pattern for this cowl is free, and you can find it here

Here is a scarf I am making for Enn. He chose this yarn for himself. And the pattern on the scarf is basket weave pattern.  I could not click a picture of the pattern, perhaps in a better light. 
After knitting nearly 6' of it, he tells me its slightly itchy!  

And unbelievable but true , I am so courageous that I am knitting socks for myself!!! Well I would not comment unless I finish it. But here is the proof of the beginnings.

i need to show some love ....

To my abandoned blog...

that's all.