Green ware

My project "Thing a day" tanked terribly!!
I could not keep up with the tons of commitment I thought I could handle! But seriously I was doing a lot of stuff during the whole month. I am taking a mosaic class, a sewing class and continuing with pottery... all this with some travelling, attending parties / events along with some serious addiction of Desperate Housewives ....ok I will stop now. (just trying to explain my seriousness)

Some pottery stuff I worked on lately...
Here's a baking dish, I luv these, they also fit in my toaster oven. And my fav. part of making them is decorating the handle!

 Mug with a cage free singing bird...

 Feel free to admire the sunny-ness :)

I have been experimenting with hand building, the results I'd say, not very pleasing. It takes more work than throwing on a wheel, but one thing I can achieve with hand building, six identical bowls which stack.!!!

If the shape seems familiar, its because I used one of those regular styrofoam bowl as a mold. And the white stuff is talcum powder to prevent clay to stick to styrofoam bowl.

This is one of those thing, you put stuff and hang on wall...ok I am sounding weired now. 

This looks like a guy with googly eyes smiling :)

And all the lil swoopli things I made on the pieces is courtesy this awesome clay gun. It makes intricate details a breeze. 

Thing a day 10 - Mosaic WIP

I know I am a lil behind the schedule.

The map is not the territory.
-Alfred Korzybski

Thing a day 3 Dream Ride

Just played a lil in Picassa ...

Thing a day 2 - hoot hoot

Catching up...this was really made in a hurry...its better to make something than to make nothing at all...

My inspiration :
(I think I cud have done a better job)

Thing a Day 1

I know I am late but in my defence there has been an ice strom in my area and last night there was power outage.
The good part was today I got a snow day