Drunk on Knitting

Knitting is my latest obsession!
Well I have knitted in the past, but this time around its different.
This time we are serious, and are looking for long time commitment.
And you have to appreciate  the portability of the craft, I can carry it everywhere with me, and continue working on my project.
Also it doesn't hurt that I am taking knitting classes from a lovely lady, who has sort of changed my perspective on knitting.
Here are some of the yummy colors I got last week. This is Cascade 220 wool.

The colors are so pretty, unlike the weather outside. I am not sure what I plan to do with these. 

Here's a "Fear of commitment" cowl that I made for a dear friend. The pattern for this cowl is free, and you can find it here

Here is a scarf I am making for Enn. He chose this yarn for himself. And the pattern on the scarf is basket weave pattern.  I could not click a picture of the pattern, perhaps in a better light. 
After knitting nearly 6' of it, he tells me its slightly itchy!  

And unbelievable but true , I am so courageous that I am knitting socks for myself!!! Well I would not comment unless I finish it. But here is the proof of the beginnings.

i need to show some love ....

To my abandoned blog...

that's all.

Finished mosaic project

Since I have been a lazy lazy blogger....I made this one ages ago and realized I never updated it here.
Thankfully I have a pic at each stage.
This is one of those things that you use to put hot pots on to save the surface...(what do u call it??? )

I was very determined to go slow, have patience to break 1000 small pieces and actually have a plan.

After I was done cutting and gluing down all the pieces.

And the grouting...

Grouting brings in  world of difference. Its not very evident from the picture but trust me it does. 

I finally found my dream house...

Its apple green and its close to a beach. I saw this house in Old San Juan and was about to  live here forever, then our vacation got over and it was time to go home (the non-apple green one) .....  

That's what I have been up to...

Just hanging out....and doing nothing. 

Sounds like a plan to me :) 

Story of a girl who could not draw loosely

I found this about my self when I was taking the basic drawing class. And we were exploring gesture drawings. That I could not draw loosely.

This was my object

This is what I interpreted of it...

This is what I was suppose to make...(made by my prof.)

This is what I was told... :(

And then began my journey...

I absolutely failed to comprehend what "loose" or "expressive" is

I tried drawing with left hand :FAIL:

I tried procrastination :DID NOT HELP: (never does)
I tried pretending to be messy :FAIL:
I tried with closed eyes :COULD NOT SEE MUCH:

And then LIKE THAT I was "genuinely" loose

I thought may be I got lucky, I should try again to test it :IT WORKED:

And again...:IT WORKED:

I thought may be I should try with another color:IT still WORKED:

I could not contain my excitement , I could not believe I can actually draw like this...

I was unstoppable

And following two were my submission in the finals


And I got good grades :)

Moral of the story : "I don't know" (in Spongbob voice :)

Green ware

My project "Thing a day" tanked terribly!!
I could not keep up with the tons of commitment I thought I could handle! But seriously I was doing a lot of stuff during the whole month. I am taking a mosaic class, a sewing class and continuing with pottery... all this with some travelling, attending parties / events along with some serious addiction of Desperate Housewives ....ok I will stop now. (just trying to explain my seriousness)

Some pottery stuff I worked on lately...
Here's a baking dish, I luv these, they also fit in my toaster oven. And my fav. part of making them is decorating the handle!

 Mug with a cage free singing bird...

 Feel free to admire the sunny-ness :)

I have been experimenting with hand building, the results I'd say, not very pleasing. It takes more work than throwing on a wheel, but one thing I can achieve with hand building, six identical bowls which stack.!!!

If the shape seems familiar, its because I used one of those regular styrofoam bowl as a mold. And the white stuff is talcum powder to prevent clay to stick to styrofoam bowl.

This is one of those thing, you put stuff and hang on wall...ok I am sounding weired now. 

This looks like a guy with googly eyes smiling :)

And all the lil swoopli things I made on the pieces is courtesy this awesome clay gun. It makes intricate details a breeze. 

Thing a day 10 - Mosaic WIP

I know I am a lil behind the schedule.

The map is not the territory.
-Alfred Korzybski

Thing a day 3 Dream Ride

Just played a lil in Picassa ...

Thing a day 2 - hoot hoot

Catching up...this was really made in a hurry...its better to make something than to make nothing at all...

My inspiration : http://www.marthastewart.com/article/petit-collage
(I think I cud have done a better job)

Thing a Day 1

I know I am late but in my defence there has been an ice strom in my area and last night there was power outage.
The good part was today I got a snow day

Wine bottle recycled lamp

Boy this new year surely looks bright at my end. With these awesome grey days around me, this actually seems like a good idea.
A couple of disclaimer : ....
I am NOT SURE about the fire safety  of this lamp. But the bulb holder I am using is for the tiny tiny night bulb. 
Also what I have made here is not amazingly bright....