See what I a great deal!!!! Its very teeny tiny...but does its job. Well its a lil early to comment on its performance but I have great expectations. After a couple of years of marriage one thing I really needed was someway to alter my clothes.I m sooo excited. It only stitches in straight line...but I have a couple of Stitching projects planned let's see how far do I go.


Just scribbled something....
And that is how I feel this afternoon.

Some bisque ware

I don't blog for months and then there is a post overdose :-)
These are some of the bisque ware recently out of the kiln.
One is a casserole similar to the one I showed in my earlier post and then there's this tall square box/canister- its hand built. And the third one is actually a jar with lid and I intend to make it a candle holder. I m very curious to find out how a candle would look inside it when placed in a dark room.
I will be glazing these and will anxiously wait for the final results...

I was featured...!!!!!!!!!

OMG how could I be sooo lazy and not share this...!!!
Back in April my post about Flower Punch was featured in Simplyfunstuff.
And apparently in turn it was featured on Craftcrave .
But I could not really locate it there. I just read a comment on Simplyfunstuff.
Also it was featured on Totally Tutorials.
ps: yea that soppy flower was made by me :p ... u see i just needed an illustration for a 5 petal flower.

Random updates

I guess to put it mildly its been a while that I blogged.
While I was'nt blogging I was busy with multiple things. I made a trip to Atlanta for a professional training and it was kind of a big deal...when I say big deal I mean its was the FIRST time I was away from home all on my own. Yuppie there I said it...never before have o been on my own. I have been traveling alone since a very early age but always ended up living in a mine or some body I know. Never lived alone even for a short while. And hence going alone at a hotel all by myself ...all this for 5 days was quite an achievement in my books.
After the training I have been very busy with the office work. Shortly after that Enn went for a 5 day vacation without me :( .. with his boy gang. He asked me before going and I said feel free go ahead have fun....but when he went away it was kind of lonely. But my very good friend P kept me good company. In fact I stayed at her place most of the days.
Then we were visited by my brother in law for week and we had a lot of fun together. We did a bit of traveling around. Well the traveling part deserves a post of its own...and I don't trust myself weather I will post it or not. So in interest of blogging I will go ahead and upload some of my pottery stuff that I made recently.

I am really glad how the casserole turned out. In fact with the casserole I had a proud moment...when I first saw it, I thought that my instructor made it....only later to realize that it was made by me....after the glaze firing I really did not recognize it. ohhh I look fwd to baking food in it and flaunt it :)

Also I got myself a new toy...its the Droid Incredible ,finally I said good bye to my crappy phone and got this fancy thingi. This post was created on my phone, and all the pictures in this post are also captured by it. But I had some error posting to blogger using my phone because of the post size. Let's see in future I will experiment with smaller size posts. I think mobile blogging will be a new world...:)