Some bisque ware

I don't blog for months and then there is a post overdose :-)
These are some of the bisque ware recently out of the kiln.
One is a casserole similar to the one I showed in my earlier post and then there's this tall square box/canister- its hand built. And the third one is actually a jar with lid and I intend to make it a candle holder. I m very curious to find out how a candle would look inside it when placed in a dark room.
I will be glazing these and will anxiously wait for the final results...

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Gloria said...

They are all great Dida. I especially like the dish. A nice casserole dish. The one with the holes, I have a similar one that I use for garlic cloves. The holes let the garlic breathe so they don't grow old fast, like some of us do. Tee Hee. Take care. Very Nice.