Flower punch - five uses

I only own one punch,~ The Flower punch~
And every now and then I try to find different ways to use it.
I think the charm of a five petal flower is absolutely splendid. Its also very special to me because all my life I have doodled two things, one is hearts and another is five petal flower.
And with no further delay I shall present the uses:

1. Branch of Paper Cherry Blossom.
This was the original post that was my inspiration, and triggered the purchase of the floral punch -How to Make a Branch of Paper Cherry Blossoms
Of course these flowers look nothing like cherry blossom, but still the idea of pink flowers on a branch is pretty.
2. In mix media art.
There can be countless ways to use these flowers in mix media art world. Following is just one of my interpretations.
This tree I made out of junk mail. (I also posted this in the past as a thing a day project in Feb)
Preparing an abstract background, and pasting these floral cut outs to form any shape. Like this tree, there can be a coffee mug, or a heart or .... the possibilities are numerous.

3. Little birds.
These birds are versatile, and can say anything (what ever you want them too). These can be on a birthday card, note book cover, letter.
With the flower punch they arepretty easy to make.

Carefully make snips in the line of the petal.With a drop of glue paste them on desired surface.
Give them eyes, feet, some personality.
Give them words...lil birdies have the power to say things that you cannot say.

4. Floral garland.
These garlands can fill life where ever they are placed.

5. Seal the envelop.

Take a little snip of clear tape, roll it like a pipe so that its sticky at both ends. Stick one end on the flower and another to seal the envelop.

Taaa daa....hope you liked it......!!!!!!!!!


Gloria said...

Dida, that is wonderful I really enjoyed your display of petals in different ways. How creative you are little lady. I am in awe of you. You think of so many creative things to do and I get stuck on one all the time. Tee Hee. :D Dida, thanks for sharing, I really liked it very much. Have a great week.

Gloria said...

Hey Dida, can I copy the limes from your page and put it on my blog also? I love the limes. You can copy any of the awards and they are yours to keep and post on your sidebar if you want.

YayaOrchid said...

Girl, why have I been away so long?! You have so much yummy content on your blog! You've totally inspired me. Thank you for tha useful tip on the flower petals. Now I MUST get a flower punch, lOL!

Love your use of lime green! One of my two favorite colors!

Iraildes said...

Vou fazer um te falar

Carrie said...

oh another person who loves the 5 petalled flower. I'm cherryblossomtattoo, due to my wrist tattoo. Love your ideas, funny though, I don't have a flower punch!
Lovely ideas..

Swedie said...

Cute bird idea... I'm going to give it a try!

luluvillage said...

That is awesome creativity! It's really wonderful to know that one can create so much with little- gosh, just one punch,
thank you for sharing!

Sarah said...

i love it! and am sharing on my blog tomorrow: