On Totally Tutorials

Yeahh my tutorial - "How to Make Scrap Paper Bookmarks" was posted on Totally Tutorials.


Gloria said...

I am getting ready to leave for San Jose in about an hour. I thought I should stop by and say hello and read your post. I love your bookmarks. You gave me idea when I first saw them and the idea is still there, I just haven't gotten around to it. I have lots of paper in the studio, card stock, etc and they would work good for bookmarks. It really is a great idea. I have ideas on sewing some trim on edges, etc. You know what I mean. I have to go make a few more stops before I leave. I'm packed and ready to go for 3 days and then my aunt will stay there and then I go back, till mom is well. I am going to start looking for a place over here for her as soon as I have some free time. Take care and thx for stopping by my blog friend. Oh, I'm glad you liked the doll. I just loved it. I'm taking it with me to show my mom. Tee Hee! bye now.

Gloria said...


Hi Dida, go here and follow her blog and enter to win. Tell her I sent you and I get a second chance to win. Prettttty please or NOT!!

Only if you want to enter contest. Just wanted to say hello too and wish you a happy weekend. Take care.