Thing a day 23

Bookmarks made from "scrap book paper scraps"...(how do u say it..??)
These are also laminated. Making them was pretty easy, following are the steps :

Paste snips of scrap book paper randomly on a card stock or in my case water color paper. I also colored my base water color paper.

Make an outline of the snips, I also added these stitches like lines, gives a dimensional effect.

next step is to laminate it, which will seal the surface. Use a thick transparent tape. It should be two times broader than the width of the bookmark.

Length wise wrap the tape around the book mark.

Trim any excess. Make as many as you want...!!


Flor Larios Art said...

Super cool the colors!

Gloria said...

Hi pal. I love that idea and how easy as pie. You always do good things. Enjoy the rest of the day and week. Listen, the comment you left on my blog, if you ever and I mean ever need someone to talk to, you can email me and we can talk that way. It helps to talk about things that have caused us hurt in life. You take care friend and I will talk to you later.

craftlicious said...

very clever idea