Thing a day - 5

Recycled notepad, with cover

I have to say I don't suffer from doodling, but I enjoy every minute of it. There are times when I feel that my hand is possessed, and it just does not stop. After doodling some important notes, diaries and some official reports I decided to make a notepad dedicated to doodling.

This notepad is glued together. Though nothing beats the romance of hand sewing a beautiful notebook, but time and my energy was a constrain.
This sits in this card broad cover. Its not glued or anything. So when I am done with this one, I will keep the cover and just make another notepad.
Did I mention the paper I have used here is, actually a victim of accidental hit of "Print" button, and by the time I hit "Cancel" the printer would have spit out a couple of pages. Yeah I have been collecting such victims for a while.So basically the paper has one plain side.(I call it liquid) .The only thing I made sure that the paper does not contain sensitive/confidential information.

On a side note, when I view my a/c in posterous, it only shows two posts for day 1 & 3, I have lost my other three posts. What's going on..? Any help/suggestion will be appreciated.

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YayaOrchid said...

I've enjoyed all the ideas for recycling and repurposing. Love the little coasters.

I would love to see more of your paintings. Your style is whimsical and cute!