Threader earrings

I know this is a scary close up of my ear, but I wanted to show my threader earrings. These are awesome. I have been wanting to have one ever since I knew something like this existed. As you can see I have three piercings, which was the worst experience of my life and I refuse to talk about it. And given a choice will I go back in time and do it again...? yes. Though I will not get them any more. And hence wearing something to keep the piercing open. The best part of these ear rings is, they are sooo comfortable. Earlier I had small ring in each piercing, and it caused great discomfort specially when I wore a woolen cap. And not to mention the discomfort while sleeping(which I was almost use to).
These feel like wearing nothing at all (in my
So from now on, I can wear the fancy/uncomfortable one's occasionally and may be these for everyday. I can see this as a beginning of a collection of Threader earrings.


Bird said...

That looks cool!!

Thanks for stopping by Dida! If you got any question, just shout, ok?

Gloria said...

Yes, that does look cool, but would I do it??? No, no no. When I got my ears pierced way back when, that hurt me. It looks good on you and you are young and fresh and can do that. Take care.