Thing a Day-4

Recycled magazine coasters
You can find an awesome tutorial to make these here.
Ever since I came across this tutorial, I wanted to make these. For me the most compelling projects are those which need no new raw materials, in short I loove recycling projects.
I guess these turned out pretty well, and while I was making these, I saw the movie "The Ugly Truth"...umm it was alright.
So far I have made a couple, I guess I will make at least 4 more.

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Gloria said...

Hi friend dida. You are totally a great person to be recycling as you are. I really like your coasters. You are keeping busy and I have not even posted anything and that's not like me. We finally did our taxes and I'm still doing quizzes on Real Estate renewal, but I still have to take the final prior to May. So that is really keeping me on a different website studying. I am always happy to see you though. Take care. I may be opening up my Etsy or on another place when I am done with all this other stuff I'm currently doing. Take care and have a great Friday.