Thing a day 18

I am continuing the ceramic spoon set here. This time its a spatula. I used specifically scrapbook paper here, unlike the earlier one where I used junk mail. I wanted to see the effect and also how the two look together.
I have to say this one looks very barbie doll types, the earlier one (spoon) has a rustic look. Also the spoon has been varnished, so probably that also beings in a difference in texture. I will varnish the spatula later, because its hard to click a decent picture once it gets all glossy.

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Gloria said...

Dida, I love the spoon and spatula. I want to do that too. I just haven't gone to the dollar store lately, but when I do...I will pick up some spoons and paint them. That will be fun. Thanks for the nifty ideas. I'm glad you are having such a great time with your work. It helps, doesn't it...with everything. Take care and have a great weekend.::hugs::