Thing a Day - 3

So this time its a tissue paper box turned into a plastic bag dispenser.
Its a cleaver idea, which was NOT originally thought by me. I just goggled it around, and tried it.
Though I genuinely try to carry a tote bag, while I am doing grocery, but then there are times I forget :|
Though it did not turn out like I wanted it to, the whole thing was done is a hurry, but still serves its purpose. It will help me so much to control the mess around the house.
Also the quote written on it is picked up from a t-shirt or some tote bag. I just wrote it, because I really like it.

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Gloria said...

Hi Dida, just stopped by to say hello. Haven't been posting lately, a little busy. I like the way the box came out. You are so clever. I have to go now, exercise is calling. :D Take care.