Thing a Day-1

Thing a Day-1

This spoon is actually a bisqueware that I made a while back and since then it has been begging for attention.
I guess it will be used specifically for decoration purpose in the kitchen. It actually symbolizes the unity of all my worlds...
It brings cooking, art and craft, recycling (I have decoupage the spoon using junk mail) and umm home decor (may be).
Also there is another snap shot of the spoon, with my lovely gloves.
And a shot of rest of the bisqueware of this set. I plan to do similar stuff to the rest of the lot.

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Gloria said...

Hi Dida. I like the idea of making a spoon display like you did. Makes me want to do it to. Maybe when I have more time, I will tackle that. You can get a whole set of spoons for cheap at the Dollar Store. You gave me an idea. Thanks. I like what you did and hey that Posterous, I have to check into that. How did you find that? Let me know via email. Take care and have a great week.