Two is a company

If two is a company, three is a crowd, then what is four...I'd say beginning of a party :-)
No points for guessing my evening plans.

I made this one a while ago, but did not get a chance to post it.
I am struggling with "free-ing " myself. I mean, I don't let myself loose when I am painting. Specially I want to achieve this effect with backgrounds. I guess I need to do more practice...

Just having a regular Friday...I am not sure if I will be working tomorrow. (yes I have been working over the weekends.!)


Gloria said...

Hi Dida. Thought I'd stop by pretty quick before I go do some paperwork. I really love this little lady you painted. Your illustrations are totally awesome. I love what she is wearing and the pastel colors. Great job. Oh and yes of course use the daily word thing a ma jig. :D Take care and it's good to see you.

YayaOrchid said...

Dida, your paintings are fabulous! Every it as good as a lot I've seen for sale on Etsy. I think you're ready to go into sellin prints girl!