Updates from "Denial" land

The word "denial" describes me best at the moment.
Really I am not able to handle things around me and all I have done to solve it so far is - have learned to ignore it.
Not good I tell you...
Ever since I am back from India...I have had 1 weekend of rest (jet lag) and since then its one thing after another. I was horrible ill for a while. And then its been mostly work which has been very very hectic lately. And without wasting any time the good thing was I got back to my working out routine, last week. The result was I got even more tired. In the past two week, I had hardly done any cooking .. forget about house cleaning...oh gosh...and its really really hard to live life with so much mess around. I have also been working over the weekends, and I think it really took its toll.
Today finally my friend P actually come home to help me with my house work...!!! can u believe it...!! Also for a change Enn had started taking care of the house because even he could not handle the mess around. (imagine!!)
So when I came back, the very day I saw a package waiting for me, those were lovely holiday wishes from wonderful and generous Gloria... I do not have my camera charged (the charger is misplaced), so I will upload the pictures later.
She sent me an awesome hand made ornament, a print of the painting she made of "Van Gogh's Mother." wait there's more...she also sent an original-exclusive-hand painted -one of a kind- bracelet...!!!!! wowooo
I am soo grateful and obliged and thankful...I cannot express it.
I a really lucky to have such a thoughtful and generous blogger friend.
Thank you very much Gloria....your gifts are appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

Since I ams soo much off my routine, I have a plan... :) (wicked smile...)
I have registered myself at http://thing-a-day.com/ .Its a yearly creative sprint where participants commit to creating one new thing a day for the month of February and post it on a collective blog. 2010 is thing-a-day's fourth edition .
From what I just found out and understand, when you register, you have to create a Posterous account. and then can link your Blog to it. So when I upload anything on this Posterous a/c, it will updated on Think-A -Day as well as my blog. I an not sure if I understood correctly, I will have to try it and find out.
So I will be gearing up in February . (Let's see... I have stopped trusting myself)

On a side note....I have again joined my pottery studio class, and have also joined a knitting class. Its for beginners . I have not planned what projects I plan to make in pottery / knitting.
I also have to catch up with my blogger friends, read updates at their end..ohh I am curious... :)


Gloria said...

Hi Dida. I just got home from exercise and a little shopping and came to check my email before I start my daily duties and I saw your post. I had to come to say hi and I hope you feel better really soon. You are very welcome and I am lucky to have you as a friend too and I am so happy that you liked your little bitty gifts. :D I have to go but that idea of something creative every day sounds like a great challenge. Let me know how it is. For now I bid you farewell, I have housework, bah! :D Take care and glad you are back.

YayaOrchid said...

Welcome home! Sooo glad you're back and posting again!

I sympathathize with you about being or feeling like you're offtrack right now. But be of good cheer, things will soon go back to normal.

You are very blessed to have received such a nice package from Gloria! See? Things are already looking up! :)
I too am intrigued about that daily creation site. Gotta check it out!