Story of a girl who could not draw loosely

I found this about my self when I was taking the basic drawing class. And we were exploring gesture drawings. That I could not draw loosely.

This was my object

This is what I interpreted of it...

This is what I was suppose to make...(made by my prof.)

This is what I was told... :(

And then began my journey...

I absolutely failed to comprehend what "loose" or "expressive" is

I tried drawing with left hand :FAIL:

I tried procrastination :DID NOT HELP: (never does)
I tried pretending to be messy :FAIL:
I tried with closed eyes :COULD NOT SEE MUCH:

And then LIKE THAT I was "genuinely" loose

I thought may be I got lucky, I should try again to test it :IT WORKED:

And again...:IT WORKED:

I thought may be I should try with another color:IT still WORKED:

I could not contain my excitement , I could not believe I can actually draw like this...

I was unstoppable

And following two were my submission in the finals


And I got good grades :)

Moral of the story : "I don't know" (in Spongbob voice :)

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Jessica Peterson said...

I don't know if you will see this comment, but thanks for sharing this! Very interesting seeing your progress from a tight sketch to the loose ones.

I'm also trying to draw more loose, it isn't easy.
It takes practice, as you've figured out. It's easier to get uptight and try to make your drawing 'just right.' But that's not fun for the least I don't think it's fun. I really enjoy looking at looser drawings much more than tight renderings.

By the way...I'm an artist too, feel free to check out my website: