What do u do with two left hand rubber gloves

Caution: You might find following article overrated*. :)
Disclaimer: You might already know this. Just sharing my idea. ;)

Alright does the title sounds bizarre...no really I have a reason...
I have a habit of wearing rubber gloves when I am washing dishes. We have a dishwasher, but I end up washing some by hand, specially the pots and pans. Also while doing the usual kitchen cleaning, I use them.
Not that I am very skin conscious, well its partly the reason, but also I like the shield when my hand is in water/hot water.
In this process after couple of months or so,the left hand glove would remain intact, but the right hand glove would be torn. I guess because I am righty.
I tried all gloves in every price range, and ended up with a collection of left hand rubber gloves because all the right hand once were torn.
I also tried wearing the left hand glove in my right hand, and that was not a good idea, it stressed my hand. The way these gloves are built, they are meant for specific hands.
So in the cycle of buying and using and collecting odd gloves...
It finally hit me...I got the perfect idea, to use them...just turn the left hand glove inside out...!!! and there you have a right hand glove..!!!!
...Taa Daaa.... :)

See..! I warned you about overrated*.
Never mind...for a change here's a idea that has helped me a lot...and I have been using it every single day...more than 3 times a day and there.. its worth it!!!

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glorv1 said...

Darn it Dida!! I want going to tell you to do that but you beat me too the punch. Shucks. I too found that out one day while putting on those thin rubber gloves to also rinse the dishes and both were left handed. I studied them and said "Viola"! Turn it inside out. It worked and I too have been doing it for years. The only difference is that you are a young one and found out how to do that really quick, and me well I'm an oldie and just learned that a few years back. Good for you Dida, you got your thinking cap on. Good girl. :D Have a great week. Take care.