Almost art attack

This is more of a hint to Enn....   :)

 Is this too early....well after putting the orange and black color scheme it had to be Halloween...

"Never been kissed..."

And yesterday at a local fair, I got me these pretty pretty charms...a spatula and goblet. Its super mini, like a couple of cm's. Luv it I mean what's life without good food and wine :)


Ann said...

Those are wonderful. I like that first one with the shoe.
I love going to fairs, you can find some of the coolest stuff some times

Gloria said...

What a great post Dida! That shoe is just great and your mermaid and the rest of your little ladies shine. They are so pretty and look as if they are ready to go some where. You just are getting so good at what you're doing. I love your work Dida. Hopefully Enn will get the hint and take you here and there and star gazing, etc. etc. etc. :) Good work. Have a great Sunday.