Clay whistles

Meet Iinky & Pinky

This week my clay studio instructor taught us making whistles ... and what an experience...!!!! 
I absolutely loved the idea of making this sound equipment, and once you make the basic organ- the technical part is over, now comes the "sky is the limit" part....

Today I spent some more time doing it...I ended up making a horse-giraffe-ish kind of creature...and a turtle. 

All this really made me nostalgic, I recalled as a kid playing with clay, and my dad use to show me making a clay radio, and we use to stick a broom stick in it pretending it is an antenna.  
Hopefully they will be fired by the end of next week or may be later and then I will think of glazing them. I plan to make more whistles. Its a lot of funn...!!



glorv1 said...

I think they look really great. I'm looking forward to seeing them painted and glazed. Thx for sharing.

glorv1 said...

Hi Dida. Don't forget to go to my blog and click on my profile so that you can email me your address and I will get that print out to you along with the others. Read my post for the instructions. Have a great weekend.