Some Upgrades

Lately we did some upgrades in the house. We installed curtains, which we got from India, when we went there for Diwali in Oct/Nov-08...yeah It took me 4 months to install it. Procrastination is not just my hobby, but its one of my major talents. These curtains are in the living room, they are my MIL's (mother in law) choice, I luved them:

These are in our bedroom, the orange color shines amazingly in the sunlight, the whole room gets an orange glow...My husband Enn chose them. Luv his choice:

And these are in our guest bed room. These are my choice :)

Also on one of our walls, we have these lovely piece of embroidery, which is from Rajsathan(India). I absolutely love its colours, and figures and the whole feel...

We also got this rug from IKEA (absolutely love it..!!!)...again its the color that invited me. It just pops in the creme backround of our home.

Alright so these were some upgrades which we did recently and we were planning them from a long time. And well should have done it loong back. But everything comes with a plan of its own, it happens when it has to.

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glorv1 said...

I love the orange too. I can imagine the sun shining through it. Warmth and color. Thx for sharing.