Cutie Out , Pixie In

The very cute sewing machine I got me...well it did not work out. I don't know weather it was the machine or my zero sewing knowledge. I tired very patiently and did some stitching too...(which I will upload..someday)...but eventually it drove me crazy. Finally yesterday I returned it and was about to give up on stitching then I saw this pretty baby. Again it was on a "tempting sale" and I thought I will try my hand again.
And so far sewing has been kind of pleasure .... I say "kind of" because its too early to judge plus I have a lot to learn. Currently I am sewing a wraparound skirt which will be an ideal summer wear.
For some reason lately I am not able to paint. I have been wanting to but I am not able to bring myself to do it. And I have a lot of time in my hand, I am not keeping super busy. Oh well..!
The summers are beautiful here. Warm, sunny, with a mild breeze once in a while...with particularly beauutiful evenings. A Summer evening is my favorite thing. It somehow fills me with hope and energy. And lately I am passing a lot of time walking/hiking during evenings,just trying to make the most while it lasts.

ps: This blue blogger is really bothering me. Specially uploading a pic was a pain.


Gloria said...

That's a great sewing machine. I already read your post on the wraparound so you've already made the skirt.I missed this post. I think you are going to have a lot of fun sewing. Next time I go to the fabric place, I'll buy a few extra yards of whatever material so that I can sew something too. I love that material you used. Wish we could get that around here, although there are a lot stores with oriental material of sorts. Thanks for sharing and have lots of fun.

Sherrie said...

wow a purple sewing machine how cool is that..and I love the skirt ..great easy sewing project..lovely blog too...<3
Sherrie from Simpleliving in OZ...
Drop by if you get time ...<3