My new skirt... :)

Please excuse the tiled mirror shot, as you can see its a self shot, had somebody been around there were chances of a better click. But I was in too eager to wait :)
Its a wrap around skirt, and this is how it actually looks/works..

I already had a skirt like this, all I did traced its pattern on the fabric and cut it. And since its a wraparound there's no need for elastic, buttons or zip. Perfect beginners project and lead to instant gratification.

Here is a closer look of the fabric. Its beautiful. Its like all my favorite colors in one. I bought it back in India, actually it was my best friend RGM who bought it first. The minute I saw it on her... I was like -I want it...NOW. So she took me to the store until then I was not at peace.
What are best friends for..!!!


Ann said...

Super cute skirt. You did a great job and I love the fabric

Gloria said...

Awesome Dida. I love it! How fun that you made your own skirt, nice legs too:) Tee Hee. Hey girl, you have a lot of talent. Take care.

rituja said...

I just loved what you've done with that fabric looks better as a wrap around than a dupatta :) good work!