Materialistic Me

My dreams of being a seamstress have come to a screeching halt...and I guess cheap sewing machine just don't work. Pixie has failed me as well. It just refused to pick bobbin thread, I tried every solution I could find on the web. Apparently a lot of people like me had problems with this sewing machine. I found that on singer's website. So- for the time being- its over.

I returned it, and got myself other goodies.

U see the pretty pretty flowery journal, set of gel pens and tic-tic pencils (i don't know what its called ?)

The journal is really pretty and thick
The pencils are super cute and I luuuv using 0.7mm pencils. The sound they make on paper makes my heart and hand sing. Though these have these annoying foamy grip, which I will get rid of.
And the set of pens is fabulous...!!!!! they are 52 of them!! in a tin case...glittery...colored...neon...all of much inspiration for my penmanship...
I tested all these pens - and what better way than writing a nice wod with each of 'em.
The verdict : all 52 work
And finally some apple green aewsome -ness...

No points for guessing I am a petite female and have to fold my jeans if I don't get a chance to alter it.


Gloria said...

Oh Dida, sorry your sewing machines conked out. Don't give up on the sewing though. Save your pennies a little at a time and then you can get a better one. The one I have is pretty good. A Singer and I bought it at Walmart and I think I only paid no more that $125. I know that's a lot but every penny saved towards it will help. Take a jar and drop pennies, nickels and dimes. Quarters and little by little it will add up. I like all those pens you got. I'm starting to like art journaling and am really enjoying do that. I hope you are feeling better and remember don't give up on anything! Take care and you could polish your toenails lime green too, that would be cool. hehehehe. :DDD

Ann said...

Too bad about the sewing machine. I have one that my aunt bought for me when I was first married. It's been working for 28 years now :) Cute sandals