Next to my window sill

A few days back this tablish like structure came as a part of packaging of my printers toner. It really looks like a tiny table, all I did was hot glued the sides and taped it to insure its durability.
Glued some pretty paper.

And here is the final result.
It sits happily and perfectly in front of the window sill and contains some essentials.

The more color the better..!!!!


Ann said...

That looks great. Pretty fancy looking for cardboard packing. What a great idea you had there.

Gloria said...

Oh boy. Miss Creativity is doing her thang. Very nice dida and now you have a little table to enjoy. I just threw out one of those handy dandy boxes. I looked at it and thought about it but my husband grabbed it out of my hands before I could keep on thinking. He was taking things to the dump and just threw that in. It came out pretty good my dear and you have inspired me to grab one of my little cabinets in the studio and do some decoupage on it. Thank you. have a great rest of the day. I actually am a little tired so maybe I'll go lay down for a bit. lololol. I'll get to it, I'll get to it. bye now.:)))