Sounds of fall

Don't you luv the rustling sound of the leaves...and these are all around us.
I recorded this while walking to my friends place.

Sorry if this makes u camera sick.


Gloria said...

I love it Dida! Excellent and yes very Fallish indeed. Lots of leaves, lots of sound. Thanks for sharing.

Gloria said...

Dida, I just love the sound of your feet on the leaves. The Polenta is just delish and can be bought at any store really. Just look on the aisles where they have flour, baking soda, etc. There's different types and they do carry instant. It'd be good for you to make this because you don't eat meat and this really fills you up. You can also add bacon...oh I forgot, you don't eat meat.:) Tee Hee. Any grocers, they probably don't carry it in the small grocery stores but a regular outlet will have it and it's very reasonable. Take care.