My happy-ending

Before I could blog about the fact that how wonderful my Kindle is ....(I don't know why I have a critical battery picture, but u get the drift!)

Today I discovered a tiny crack in it :(

I was terribly sad and upset. I mean its been less than 2 months since I have had it, and have been keeping it very very carefully. It was a birthday gift from Enn, and that made me extra sad.
He got it from Staples, so I was not sure if I was suppose to contact Staples or Amazon to complain about it.
I was prepared to beg-request-argue for a replacement I went ahead and called Amazon, and they said they will replace it. ..... Like that..!!!!!!
I am absolutely amazed and impressed with their service. Hopefully soon enough I will get my new Kindle and all I have to do is put the older in the same box the new one cam in and ship it off. Amazon will also pay for the shipment.

So that was my happy ending story, also at Gloria's blog I read this lovely story of this little dogie that made me feel warm and fuzzy.

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Gloria said...

Hi didaz. I'm so glad that you are getting a new one. That actually is a pretty big crack. It pays to contact the seller quickly and you did and now you get a new one. Tee hee.:) Thanks for the shout out, that's very nice of you. Have a great weekend.