Old lamp revamp in new year

Hope everybody is having a fabulous new year, I know mine was awesome since I spent a week long vacation in New Orleans. My gosh..!! what a place...so rich in culture...food...art...life.... I absolutely luved it.
Here are a couple of lucky clicks.

I Recently discovered Spray Adhesive. I had briefly worked with it in my art class but this time around was intense. One thing I would like to mention here, when they say use the spray adhesive in a well ventilated area, THEY MEAN IT!!! I slacked, and well outside there was snow, so I just stayed indoor, and used it carelessly, I swear it knocked me out... I learned my lesson and for the rest of the projects, I was actually outside in the snow spraying stuff and trying not to inhale.

I got a couple of these lamp shades at a flea market last summer. They were brand new in a package with a $10 price tag and everything, and I got it for 2 bucks :)

I took my fav. fabric (yup the same I sewed my skirt with...) roughly cut it to fit, and glued it on using the spray adhesive.
Took care of the edges using hot glue.

Finally took a black satin ribbon and hot glued it on the lower rim of the lamp shade. The final picture does nor do justice to its prettiness...(no really!) . I will try and click another one.

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