A trip to the art store

New art supplies surely motivate you. Specially when you are unable to locate your older once.
Past weekend, I got a chance to sneak few minutes out from my grocery trip to my fav. art store.
I went to Blick. And here's what I got...

The pink pen with an owl on it... apparently its a seven year pen, the ink is suppose to last that long. Hmm its a matter of months before I miss it! But I love pens and this one looked like hard to pass.

I have been eyeing water colors for a while, have never really explored this medium in detail so I thought I will give it a go. I have no idea what do they mean by Transparent or opaque watercolor.

Got a refill on eraser and black fine tip markers...if you know me you know that I HAVE TO OUTLINE IT! And these surely do come in handy.

I got a pot of green ink, I use old fashion fountain pen and fun ink colors are always awesome.

The water color pad I got is pretty cool, its glued on both the sides, keeping the paper in place and not letting it curl. You see how its intact, in spite of the volume of water I used.

And last a pair or Conté markers...these are like butter, always a pleasure to work with...

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Gloria in CA said...

Hey Dida! Nice to see you post. I haven't seen you post in what seems like years. Great to see you back. I did go back and read another post and congrats on your baby! Yay!! I'm happy for you and wish you lots of happiness in motherhood. Love your tennis shoes. I have red tennis shoes too. Love that transparent water color. I don't think I have that type. Hmmm, I'll have to look into that.:) Hey girl, have fun with your goodies and again congrats to you and your hubby on your new addtion.:) Take care.