I am one

That's right, last week I turned an year old mommy. 
For a change there was a reason for my absence from my blog. 
I took maternity leave from blogging. 

Enn and I were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, who is a super active toddler now. 
I will be calling him N-boy in this space. 

This past year just zoomed by. I have no idea where time went. And as if having the baby wasn't enough we moved too.
Its been more than 8 months in the new place and I don't think I have still settled in. A lot of things are still missing because of the move, forget my art supplies a lot of my pots and pans are missing in action. 

And life has no time. As much as I'd love to create, sit down and draw or knit or sew...I am just too damn tired or occupied with something else. 
If my creative spirits desperately need an outlet, I doodle random stuff and that gets me by for a few days. 

I hope I get a chance to sneak in a post or two hear and there. 
We will see how this goes. 
Or I can always write about my 1st time mom adventures :) 

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