Decoupage and recycle

It had been a while I had collected some of the yogurt cans, and I thought of doing some decoupage over it. I used a random dress catalog that came as a junk mail. I also had some small plastic pots for plants.

I had a lot of fun putting all this stuff (on its way to trash) to use.
Also Once I was done, I sprayed a layer of clear varnish over it.

I am not very sure about the use of these pots, though I have sprayed varnish, and I guess after planting a small plant in it, and careful watering, it will be useful.
The others will be used to store stationary,pens,pencils,brushes,little objects which are easy to loose...

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glorv1 said...

Hi Dida. Thank you so much for your nice comments on my blog. I appreciate it and always look forward to reading your comments.
I like that decoupage you did. Sometimes you get ready to throw things out and then you realize you can actually make them new again. Isn't that so much fun. Paint some more, I want to see some more of your paintings. Take care and be well.