Me and my best friend R. This is a pics from my wedding.
I absolutely love applying heena in my hands.
Umm but somehow it was something I could never do on my own. I tried to teach my self, did a lot of practice, I was alright on paper, but when it came to hand it never worked.

This is another pic from my wedding, of course its Enn holding my hand, during some ritual.
I wish I could draw something like that on my own...

So I came across this amazing website- http://www.hennapage.com/
with a lot of information on Heena, and a lot of books on it.
In fact it also has a very detailed step by step tutorial to learn drawing Heena from scratch.
Here it is.

Here is the link to all the incredible collection of books on heena.

And really the patterns are so beautiful, that not only heena....they can be used any where...hop on the ride of your imagination and it can take you places.


glorv1 said...

I think that is neat dida. It looks like it would be really hard to do such detailed work. You should try drawing it. Dida I was wonder why my picture is no longer showing up on your blog. I think I may have done something to my settings or something. I have to check on it. I also noticed it's not showing up on other blogs. oh geez, what to do. Take care, I have to go check on it. Try painting that, you might do good.

glorv1 said...

I'm back...the picture is that is.

Esteemarlu said...

I love those designs they are just beautiful. I would love to have that done on my hands.I had no idea it would be so hard doing the design on skin. That tells you how much I know about that art. I do love it though I remember using henna in the 70's to dye my hair. I remember buying it really cheap.Everyone told me my hair would turn red but it didn't. I