My spring delights

So today I got a batch of some of my glaze ware. When it comes to work on wheel, I am nowhere close to the center, in fact all of these are a bit off center but well...I luv pottery, if I continue doing it, someday I will improve.
This one is my fav., with a lovely heart.

This one is for Enn, with his initials on:

This one again has a pretty pretty heart.It also had a secret patch work :)

I also made these lil jars with lids.
I plan to keep fennel seeds in this one...

This one's lid is a little miss fit...but well

I also experimented some with theses pendents...


glorv1 said...

dida, I really like these cups. How nice that you made one for your husband too. I love the fennel seed jar, that's perfect for that purpose. I think they look great and the next one will be even better. Your charms are beautiful. Did you make a little hole on top for a chain. That would be perfect. You are doing excellent work. I like the things you make. Have a great evening/morning.

glorv1 said...

Hi Dida, stop by my blog and pick up your SisterHood Award.