6-7 things

7 things I have done in the past that nobody knows about...

umm no body...that's difficult...but i can try...
1. I would sneak big pack of potato chips in my room and eat them all in a single shot.
2. I never use to share my evening snack.(I am a changed person now:)
3. Every time I look lost in deep complex thoughts...actually I am really blank (yes that state of mind exists.)
4. For a long time I kept up with many uncomfortable pants/jeans...until I realized-all I have to do is get a bigger size.
5. At any point of time I am reading at least 7 different books. Let me put it differently - I start reading a book...then somewhere I loose it, then I start reading another one...again I loose it...and this goes on for approx next 7 book (where I came up with that number-I don't know)..until I realize...I should finish the first book I started with.
6. I take bed tea. (I don't get it everyday.... only when Enn's generous.) which means I skip the "brush your teeth" part.
7.(i am so glad this is last) I never remember any birthday/anniversary. All the once I had so far, either there is a reminder, or my friend R had reminded me.(Its her job we have a mutual agreement). If I missed to wish somebody, its not me its actually her or my reminder who forgot to remind me.

6 things I love

1. When a brush full of color glides on a canvas...
2. The first hug, when you meet your loved once after a long time.
3. Teasing Enn and finding nasty nick-names for him.
4. Warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-creme.
5. The feel of moist clay on wheel.
6. Sitting on the kitchen platform of my mom's kitchen, talking to her non-stop and eating hot food.

Also wonderful Gloria...gave me another lovely award...
The Deborah Award

Its soo pretty , and had a beautiful msg..."Friendship is'nt about who you have known the longestbut who came and never left your side."...soo true...
Thank you soo much Gloria...for this.. :)

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glorv1 said...

Dida, you are such a sweetie pie and a very beautiful and nice person. Soooooo, you went to bed without brushing your teeth. Ayeeeeeee. :D All because you had to have tea. Ooooooooh. You start a book and then start another and another till you reach 7? Hmmmm, maybe cause they say 7 is a lucky number, I don't know. Maybe you just don't want to read. heheehehehe.:DDDD Just joshing. I love all your comments about the things you love and you are welcome for the award and from here on in, any award I get will surely get passed on to you. Well time to go back to mopping the kitchen floor. I was just taking a break. Thanks for stopping by my blog.