Happy Diwali...!!!

Diwali is a Festival of Lights...!!!!
And this is my first Diwali away from home.
Back home its all about dressing pretty, eating lots of sweets, meeting and greeting everybody...
This a picture from back home...around two years back...of Diwali pooja.

But me and Enn tried our best to pump up our spirits and n'joy.
We have decorated some lights on our front door....(I will upload the photos later)
Because of my busy schedule, I woke up at around 6 Am, called up my mom, and then my mom dictated me step-by-step, the recipe of beasn ke laddu , and I cooked it as we talked.
The other day , again I woke up early, and called up Enn's mom and she dictated me step-by-step, the recipe for Chivda and I made that.
This is how I could manage to make some traditional snacks for Diwali....
Thanx to both the mom's....
On the day of Diwali (17th Oct)...I woke up with a horrible cough and cold...and it was worse than last time... (well I am a cry baby, specially when it comes to sickness)
I somehow managed to pull the day...cleaned the house. Did preparations for the evening...
In the evening...we did the Diwali rituals...and then went to a friends place where we had pot-luck dinner followed by a cool dance party...and then there was the after party at our place. A couple-couples came back with us, and then we ended up gambling (with fake money) till like 4 AM in the morning..I could not believe no money was involved but we were playing sooo seriously , ..huuhh crazy...i know...and at the end i won all the plastic coins...he he...The House Always Wins..!!!


glorv1 said...

Oh that is so cool a statement at the end my friend. "The house always wins." I loved that. Hey it sounds like you have been having a wonderful time and learning experiences as you go along. I think what you should do is call both your moms up and ask them if they could write down the recipes for you and mail to you. Then start your own recipe book with your "mom's" recipes in there. That is a great thing to do. I have a few recipes from my uncle, my dad, and some from my step-mom. How fun for you. I like the picture. This festival of lights that you celebrate, is it to signify victory of good over the evil within an individual? I know that there are different meanings for the lights, I was just wondering. We do our own celebration on November 1 called Dia de Los Muertos where we light lots of candles and have lots of marigolds, lots of food, and pictures of loved ones gone. It signifys that on that day the spirit of the loved ones is back to celebrate with you. Thanks for sharing Dida, I so love to read your posts and look forward to seeing your Festival of Lights pictures. Take care.

glorv1 said...

Happy Diwali to you and your family!

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