Lady GaGa Paparazzi

So lately I have been listening to this song...I luuuvv it when she says..."papa...paparazzi"
It happens to me every once in a while, that I listen to a particular song day and night, and in a while complete forget about it.

And in the video of the song Paparazzi, in the end she wears this very interesting yellow outfit, with a make up which reminds me of Geisha make up...probably because of the the painted pout of the lip...
So I thought of making a little illustrations of it.... :)


glorv1 said...

I love it dida. I haven't heard the song but the illustration you did is alive and well! Great job. The yellow and black of it stands out and her little pout is oh so cute. Thanks for sharing. Have a great Thursday.

Esteemarlu said...

I love it to Dida. It really does resemble Lady GaGa.LOL! I have heard the song only once though. What did you color her with?