Contour drawing

Couple of weeks back the assignment was in Contour Drawing, There was literally a flee market in the middle of the class and we were suppose to pick 10 objects and draw them. They had to be very very simple line drawings and all the objects had to be transparent. We had to use various pencils/pens.

The critique I got was there was no variation in my line, in the sense within a single object the shade and thickness of the line remained same. I guess I will try to improve that.
This was the complete picture, Remembers my comfort with little drawing surfaces, forget about I only work in a 18x24 inches big sketch book....:) and it feels damn good. My teacher said a wonderful thing..."while drawing use your whole body not just your hands."

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Gloria said...

I love all these sketches Didaz. I missed a few of your posts somehow. I like the complete picture very much. Great job!